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May 23, 2012

Hi sayang, Astro remote control missing u so much

Dear mr.hubby,
Please come back home so soon. I can't bare looking at the remote, showing it's sorrow face everyday!
I know he missed u so much. He missed u place your cute and rounded fingers at his body. I know he missed how the way you press the button on his body while scrolling the channel.

Since pvr is available, i know the remote also missed you darn much to feel you pressing the button R to record your favorite show, especially at channel 310, 325, 393, and all channel related with action and kungfu and wacha movie.

On top of that, honestly, this house missed you so much to hear you laughing, to see you focusing while watching kungfu movie. Ah, forgot to add on sport channel, Open badminton, ping pong, golf ( eh, this golf channel you watch also eh...errr...)

See, all of the appliances in our place missed you. Luckily I'm the tough one among all of them, still can bare my feeling for you #TTDMKA

Yours sincerely,
yourlovelywife....#boo, can skip this part.

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